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Welp, I finished Zankyou no Terror. Here’s my review:


“I know my heart’s missing a piece…but it still beats.”

"is". POP ETC. Track 13.  (via zankyou-no-takatsu)

Zankyou no terror - Tokyo scenery

SNK Meme » 2/5 Quotes - "You have a responsibility to ensure that their deaths will mean something."


why are teenage girls so belittled? have you met a teenage girl??? they study harder than any boy i’ve ever met. they’re nicer than any boy or man i’ve ever met and their goals and dreams are no less valid so why are they treated like their brains are mushy lumps of goo that only think about boys 24/7???

ɴowαdαyѕ, trαɢedιeѕ αreɴ't popυlαr. | #143 "KEN"
ɴowαdαyѕ, trαɢedιeѕ αreɴ't popυlαr. | #143 "KEN"


i wonder how many jearmin shippers exist on this website.

you should reblog this if you ship it so i can know.